Manage multiple android devices in a single window

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One Window to control all your android devices
Collect debug data with a single click

One window, Multiple Devices

Connect multiple devices and send adb shell commands individually or simultaneously

One Device, One Device id

This application provides unique device id's for every device that is connected to the system

Record Video/Capture Screen Shot

Capture a video or screen shot from the application and store it in a predefined folder in the desktop

Unique log format

Easily readable, sortable, user friendly logs in csv format for better clarity

Unlock in A Click

Unlock any particular device using the application and without reaching to android devices

Start/Stop app

Start the application to access multiple android devices or stop to kill the application

Demo Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How is Android Connect Different?

    Android Connect can manage multiple android devices in a single window. It also simplifies process of collecting data from device.
  • What are system requirements for Android Connect?

    Windows 7/Windows 8 compatible PC, Android SDK with adb(required for compiling applications). latest .Net package.
  • How many devices can I connect at the same time?

    You can connect up to 6 android devices at the same time.
  • What to do when the application does not start?

    First check if the adb commands work in command prompt. If not, there is some problem while connecting your device.
  • How to detect newly connected device after launching the application?

    Click on "Rescan" button to view all devices that are connected including newly connected ones.
  • How to change the folder where videos and snap shots are saved?

    You can change the default folder through "preferences" option in the tool bar.
  • How to create a shortcut for any application installed in the connected mobile?

    Select the particular device in the application, click on "Add" in the tab above, select "Edit". Now give the Application Name, Package name and Launchable Activity. click on "Ok"
  • How to find the Package Name and Launchable activity?

    You can find the Package Name and Launchable Activity from pulled apk file using AAPT tool in adb. The "aapt.exe" is available in "\sdk\build-tools\android-x.x.x" folder. Give the following command in cmd. aapt.exe dump badging From the displayed result, take the "package: name" and "launchable-activity: name"

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